(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
1. imprecation, malediction, malison (archaic), curse, denunciation, execration; anathema, ban, fulmination; calumny, calumniation, contumely, invective, diatribe, jeremiad, tirade, vituperation, disparagement, obloquy; abuse, billingsgate, sauce; cursing, profanity, swearing, oath, expletive, barnyard epithet; the finger; threat. See detraction, condemnation, disapprobation.
2. swearer, curser. Slang, garbage mouth, black mouth, foul mouth, potty mouth, latrine lips.
Verbs — imprecate, curse, damn, swear (at); execrate, beshrew, scold; anathematize; vilify, denounce; fulminate, thunder against; threaten; defame. Slang, flip or throw the bird.
1. imprecatory, denunciatory, abusive, cursing, cursed, accursed.
2. damned, deuced, dratted, all-fired, blamed, blasted, bleeding, bloody, confounded, cotton-picking. Slang, frigging.
a. woe to! woe betide! damn! confound! blast! curse! devil take! hang! out with! a plague or pox upon! out upon!
b. damnation! tarnation! thunderation! by cracky! by jove! dad-blamed! dadburn it! dang! darn! dash! doggone! drat! durn! gol blame! gol darn! what the dickens! what the Sam Hill! Slang, dammit! damn! goddamn! damn you! damn your eyes! goddamnit! what the hell!
c. sheesh! crikey! criminy! Slang, bejesus! good Lord! Christ! Christmas! for Christ's sake! jeez Louise! Jesus [Christ]! Jesus H. Christ! holy jumping mother of Jesus!
d. shoot! Slang, shit! merde! crap[ola]! holy shit!
e. lawsy! Slang, God forbid! good God!
f. sacre bleu! mon dieu! blimey! hell's bells! holy gosh! mother of God! blow me down! caramba! gadzooks! geewhittakers! gee-whiz! holy cats! holy moly! I'll be hanged! Jiminy Crickets! Judas Priest! jumping Jehoshaphat! like fun! strike me dead! upon my word! Slang, fuckin'-A! sumbitch! son of a bitch! motherfucker! my ass! fuck you! screw you! penis breath!
Quotations — A plague on both your houses! (Shakespeare).
Antonyms, see approbation, worship.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. blasphemy, malediction, swearing; see curse 1 .
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun A denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury: anathema, curse, damnation, execration, malediction. Archaic: malison. See WORDS.

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